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Municipal Bond Defaults

Indonesia’s bond market has grown steadily in recent years to offer a more diversified array of debt instruments and cater to a broader investor base.

I have written quite often saying that rising oil prices can be expected to lead to debt defaults. For a while, some of this was hidden through lower oil prices and stimulus programs, but we are now beginning to see problems arise again, this.

The presumed reliability of municipal bonds—only U.S. Treasury bonds are considered safer—have made them very attractive. From 1970 to 2006, the default rate for municipal bonds has averaged 0.01 percent annually. And the.

"If you are selective and buy high quality issues, the yields on municipal bonds can be attractive," said Bradford Pine, president of Bradford Pine Wealth Group in Garden City, L.I. A key risk for munis is the possibility of default.

Municipal bonds, like corporate bonds, essentially face two types of risk: interest rate risk and default risk. Interest rate risk becomes clear when market interest rates rise, causing the value of your existing municipal bonds to fall. No one.

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The California Municipal Bond CEFs. A good thing about trying to get a handle on California muni bond CEFs is that there is a manageable number to deal with.

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Florida has not been devoid of defaults. But they have largely been confined to the debts of community development districts around the state, which are classified as municipal bonds. “They got caught up in, ‘You build and they will.

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Two major municipal bond categories include general obligation and revenue. Here is a concise explanation of the difference between them.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is defaulting; Half Moon Bay, California, is disincorporating; and the City of Miami, Florida, declared a "state of fiscal urgency," then broke contracts with workers. Yet, Pennsylvania, California, and Florida.

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If Meredith Whitney’s prediction is accurate, there will be hundreds of billions of dollars in municipal bond defaults in the coming year. Bloomberg’s Joe Mysak has a hard time buying that, however, as the one-year record – set just two years.

Those with a strong aversion to risk might take comfort in the fact that municipal bonds sport historically low default rates. In fact, municipal bonds are actually 50 to 100 times less likely to default on their obligations than corporate.

Jul 02, 2017  · Puerto Rico’s troubled power company defaulted on a deal to restructure roughly $9 billion in bond debt and sought court protection from its creditors.

Bonds Bond Funds; Maturity Date: definite: constant: Redemption: at maturity at par, unless issuer defaults: any time, at current Net Asset Value: Variables Affecting.

Further, the municipal bond market witnessed major interest-rate spikes in the aftermath of Wall Street analyst Meredith Whitney’s dire (and errant) 2010 warning of widespread bond defaults and the Detroit bankruptcy. High borrowing.

When your city or state needs cash for infrastructure, it probably issues a municipal bond. We explain how “munis” work.

The downgrade of Illinois’ bond rating to one step above junk status earlier this month makes one thing very clear: The state’s municipal. and there won’t be a default," Wimmel said. "But this is no place for an individual investor."

Default is the specter that scares bond investors. Significantly, Bridgeport hasn’t defaulted on its loans and has pointedly said it intends to service its debt. Since the Depression, municipal defaults have been relatively rare, but.

NEW YORK, August 5 (Reuters) – U.S. municipal bond insurers will likely weather any potential losses as a result of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis but a downgrade to their ratings or a loss of investor confidence longer-term could pose a.

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Additional information and risks associated with municipal bonds. Municipal bond investors are encouraged to visit for important information on.

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A municipal bond, commonly known as a Muni Bond, is a bond issued by a local government or territory, or one of their agencies. It is generally used to finance public.

Gross said he believes Whitney’s call that the country could see “hundreds of billions” in muni bond defaults over the near term is overblown. The 66-year old bond whiz has publicly expressed a much less dire future for the muni market.

Sep 18, 2017  · Most Pennsylvanians avoided the big budget hurt when the state ran out of money Friday to cover $2.5 billion in bills amid a months-long budget stalemate.

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Municipal bonds are debt obligations issued by public entities that use the loans to fund public projects such as the construction of schools, hospitals, and highways.

Assured Guaranty (NYSE: AGO) is the leading provider of financial guaranty insurance. We guarantee scheduled principal and interest payments when due on municipal.

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"Barring thermonuclear war, California will not default," says Scott Cottier, a portfolio manager with the Oppenheimer funds. The muni-bond market is heterogeneous, and the health of state and local entities varies enormously.

nor does he own municipal bonds issued by Connecticut, New Jersey, or Puerto Rico, which defaulted recently. “If Illinois goes to junk status,” Smith said, “investors holding Illinois bonds will get hammered on the price, and it could.

Assured Guaranty provides municipal bond insurance and financial guarantees for infrastructure and structured financings. We guarantee scheduled principal and.

Market watchers will recall that 2010 was the year in which analyst Meredith Whitney predicted a wave of municipal bond defaults, spooking the market. The wave never came, but widely publicized fiscal crises in Stockton and San.

That hasn’t come to pass, and Moody’s’ latest assessment of municipal bond defaults in 2012 surprised few people Tuesday when it tallied a total of five defaults that it rated. That’s not to say the number of defaults isn’t climbing.